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Sign up!Dear Tarot friend,

Are you hip-deep in change or transition, either unexpected or longterm?

If you are, your options and resources may seem to vanish off the radar. You feel powerless, and that sucks!

Tarot counseling puts your story or experience on the table, gives you a full-map view, and calls your resources and options back into awareness.

During this tarot process, you regain a sense that you have choices about your situation.

This realization is empowering, restores you to your Core or Center, and opens you to navigate the situation with more grace.

Tarot counseling takes you from “uh-oh!” to “aha!” to “aahh…”

James WellsI’m James Wells, a motivational listener, consultant, author, teacher, facilitator, and circle host.

I love facilitating tarot counseling sessions like the one I recently did with a man I’ll call “Jay.”

He came to me for a tarot session because he had been experiencing unaccountable bouts of anger and restlessness at least a couple of times a week for about three months. Jay felt confused yet curious about the source of these feelings; he was also concerned that the restlessness and anger would interfere with his work in a helping profession and with his own general well-being.

We began by picking a card at random from the Dodal Tarot de Marseille to respond to, “What is the root cause of Jay’s anger and restlessness?” The card was Trump XIII, Death. Tears trickled down his cheeks as our discussion of the tarot image before us revealed that endings and losses were root causes.

Dodal FoolWe asked, “What endings and losses in particular?” and received Trump 0, the Fool, which suggested something from his childhood. It turns out that his childhood was replete with loss – his parents’ divorce, his father’s grief at not living with him full-time, moving away from his hometown, and the death of a beloved grandmother. Jay felt that there might be something else, so we selected another card: XII, the Hanged Man which the client thought looked like a foetus in the womb.

dodal-sunSuddenly, the three images before us blended together and spoke a very clear story, the story of a foetus that nearly died or heard a story while in the womb of someone who wanted the parents to terminate the pregnancy. Jay shook with sobs as he realised that, whether externally true or not, he had been carrying this story in his psyche for decades and that his anger about it was strong.

We asked his source of wisdom to show us something he could do to begin his healing process and got card XVIIII, the Sun. When I said that one of this card’s themes can be rebirth, Jay came up with the idea to create and carry out a simple “welcome to the world” ceremony for his baby self. By the time we crafted and enacted this beautiful, sunny ritual together, Jay was smiling widely, his newfound sense of peace and happiness filling the space.


“OK, James Wells, it’s YOUR fault that I’m awash in jaw-dropping creative flow right now (said with a smile). I wanted to know ‘just what the hell it is I’m supposed to be doing and what it looks like’ and the tarot spread you chose to use was perfect. It catalyzed one of the most insightful and productive sessions I’ve experienced. I loved how precise and practical the reading was, and that I walked away knowing exactly what to do with the information and how to make it work for me. Thank you!!”
~ T.N., Southampton, PA, U.S.A.

“In my sessions with you, I feel profoundly listened to and received without judgment. Your focused meditative listening, high quality questions, and mature spiritual presence enable us to enter the zone of revelation and call forth resourceful energies.”
~ C. C., Toronto, ON


“James, that was a wonderful, wonderful reading on a (for me) very emotional topic. You’re a master storycrafter and I feel much more at ease and ready for life. To be highly recommended!”
~ M.P., Meersburg, Baden-Wurttemburg, Germany.

“Wow! I’m astounded at how the cards reflected my situation so well. It feels as though a huge weight has come off my shoulders. I always get my money’s worth when I come to you. I don’t know what to say except, ‘thank you’.”
~ J.L., Toronto, ON, Canada

Gaian Tarot Awakening

Wouldn’t you love to be able to offer your friends, clients or yourself a similar outcome to a tarot session?

You can, and I’ll be glad to show you how.

My newly revised e-course, Tarot Counseling for Self and Others, is for people who choose to use the tarot as a tool to support self-discovery, creativity, awareness of options, healing, and living more consciously.

Those who participate in these eight sessions possess imagination, curiosity, compassion, and strong intentionality. Their yearning to be life-affirming presences for themselves, other people, and our world is profound and palpable.

Tarot Counseling for Self and Others is not for people who use the tarot glibly or frivolously. Those who want recipe lists of card meanings or who expect the tarot to be a psychic “miracle pill” will not feel at home in this course. It most certainly is NOT a fortune-telling course.


My intention for you is that by the end of this course, you will:

  • Be changed from a reader of cards into a companion of the soul who evokes insights from the Inner Teacher in yourself and others.
  • Connect with resonant querents, people with whom you enjoy sharing the tarot, those who seek empowerment and liberation rather than surface fortune-telling.
  • Become an active participant in personal and cultural evolution and in the evolution of the tarot itself.
  • Create razor-sharp intentions for your tarot sessions, increasing specificity of any card’s meaning.
  • Listen with more presence and speak more consciously so that real change can emerge from your tarot consultations.
  • Engage with cards and querents in such a way that you’ll generate wisdom and grounded, applicable advice.


What’s in the E-Course?

There are eight classes in the e-course. Here’s what they look like:

Dodal Tarot de MarseillesClass 1: WHAT IS TAROT COUNSELING?

We define tarot counseling individually and collectively, its purpose and premises, and our reasons for embarking on this journey. We bring our previous tarot experiences to this particular course of study and practice.

Class 2: PRESENCE.

How do we create the conditions that are conducive to effective tarot counseling? We explore how to witness deeply what’s occurring in the session and within ourselves.


Rooted in presence and an atmosphere of honesty and trust, we employ questions and statements that assist our querents to deepen into a relationship with their inner wisdom and invite fruitful insights to come forth.


What are some helpful spreads and processes that enhance the tarot counseling experience? Savor some profound layouts designed by James and others, then learn how to custom-create session maps that evoke the inner teacher’s Knowing.


What needs to happen before, during, and after the consultation for it to generate awareness and constructive change? We look at a tarot counseling template that you can follow or personalize so that your sessions have focus.


Information is not enough! You’ll really enjoy these creative ways to live, embody, ritualize, and integrate the teachings that emerge from your tarot encounters.


You and your study partner will offer tarot counseling to one another. The course concepts become very real for you as you learn from experience. From this, we will all become one another’s teachers.

Class 8: SYNOPSIS.

We will take our sacred work out into the world, then sum up our journey through this e-course and set goals for what happens next.

“What a powerful and informative reading! I enjoyed that we used a spread of your own design. Your method of gentle guidance helped me pick through my own issue and develop my own insights while at the same time applying and integrating the cards’ more traditional meanings in a way that allowed me to open additional doors that my conscious mind was blocking. What I particularly appreciated was fully realising my own value and reaching the realisation that I hadn’t been delivering to myself what I give to my clients. That will now be remedied! Thank you, James.”
~ L.M., Brisbane, Australia.

“James creates a welcoming sacred space that can only encourage your soul to come fort

h. He encourages you to ‘show up for yourself.’ Through thoughtful skill and heart-full experience, James helps you to celebrate the shining signs that light our path…signs we so often fail to appreciate for the gifts they truly are.”
~ D. W., Brampton, ON

How does it work?

Gaian Tarot Eight of Earth
Each class consists of:

  • Downloadable materials for you to print out and study, released each Friday.
  • A live teleseminar class on the following Wednesday (based on the materials you received the previous Friday).
  • A recording of each teleseminar, in case you have to miss the live ones.
  • Support in a private community forum from James and your fellow students.
  • A voluntary partnering system (or study buddy).

Here’s the class schedule:

  • Class #1: Materials released Fri. Sep. 20th – Class call Wed. Sep. 25th @ 5pm PT / 8pm ET
  • Class #2: Materials released Fri. Sep. 27th – Class call Wed. Oct. 2nd @ 5pm PT / 8pm ET
  • Class #3: Materials released Fri. Oct. 4th – Class call Wed. Oct. 9th @ 5pm PT / 8pm ET
  • Class #4: Materials released Fri. Oct. 11th – Class call Wed. Oct. 16th @ 5pm PT / 8pm ET
  • Class #5: Materials released Fri. Oct. 18th – Class call Wed. Oct. 23rd @ 5pm PT / 8pm ET
  • Class #6: Materials released Fri. Oct. 25th – Class call Wed. Oct. 30th @ 5pm PT / 8pm ET
  • Class #7: Materials released Fri. Nov. 1st – Class call Wed. Nov. 6th @ 5pm PT / 8pm ET
  • Class #8: Materials released Fri. Nov. 8th – Class call Wed. Nov. 13th @ 5pm PT / 8pm ET

Additionally: New Moon Ceremony of Attunement to the Tarot – Sun. Nov. 3rd @ 5pm PT /8pm ET participate in your own space; this won’t be on a live call.


And . . . for the first TEN people who sign up . . .

A F*R*E*E* 20-minute phone session with me! This consultation can be for mentoring in a specific tarot skill or it can a mini tarot counseling session. WOW!

“Whenever I have a tarot session with you, I feel enlivened when you listen to me and make adjustments to the question and we continue working. Something shifts and new interpretations reveal themselves to me. Once into a reading, the language starts shapeshifting and I can feel you holding space while I allow the words and insights to come into focus. Every time I consult the cards with you, I get out of the old movie in my head, body, and heart then create a fresh healthy movie to play in. Yay!”
~ M.H., Brooklyn, NY

The price?

$335.00 US for all eight classes or you can make two payments of $175.00 US one today and the other in 15 days.


If you do the preparatory work for the first class, participate in the live call and then decide the class is not for you, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked!

What else do you need to know?

You’ll be able to sign up for the course until midnight on Tuesday, September 24th BUT . . . we will be sending out the materials for the first class on Friday, September 20th, and the first live teleseminar class will be held on Wednesday September 25th. So don’t wait too long to decide! Check in with your inner wisdom — maybe even pull a card or two. We know that the exact right people will be enrolling in this course, and we can’t wait to meet you!

Sign me up! $217 Sign me up! Payment Plan

(We accept Visa, MC, or PayPal.)

Still wondering if this class is right for you?

Join us for a free preview call on Wednesday, September 18th at 5PM Pacific, 8PM Eastern.

Call in: (206) 701-8388
Pin Code: 528955#

Local numbers (including Canada, the UK and Australia):

To listen in on the web, visit:
No password needed.

I will be sharing some of the basic ideas I’ll be covering in the course, and you’ll have an opportunity to ask me any questions you might have about it. What’s not to like?

Here’s why I’m so passionate about my tarot work . . .

Gaian Tarot Eight of AirIn a culture that encourages separation from one’s soul, from nature, and from people who look or act differently, we thirst for a model of wholeness, interconnectedness, and relationship. My own thirst for this is quenched by the tarot and the processes with which I partner it. A pack of tarot cards is made up of Universal Themes (the majors) and the aspects of life (the minors) through which we can experience those themes; however, every piece is necessary to the pack’s wholeness. Each section of the tarot is intimately connected with the others. If the tarot contained no Wands, there’d be no soul. A deck without Cups would be devoid of feeling. The presence of Swords tunes me in to my thoughts and beliefs while Pentacles remind me to respect my body, my work, and the Earth. The universality of the Trumps ties it all together.

This isn’t just high-falutin’ theory, it’s grounded in practice. For example, a couple of years ago, I was experiencing the universal theme of surrendering to process (Hanged One). While my soul was comfortable in this role (6 of Wands), I felt that it limited my capacity to relate to others (8 of Cups). At the same time, my intellectual understanding of surrender was mature (Queen of Swords) and my work was temporarily on hold (10 of Pentacles). Having the tarot as a holistic map gave me a template to see where I was at the time on all those levels and as a whole being. With this came acceptance, self-compassion, and a realization that I could make different choices in the fields of relating and working. And that was without even pulling any physical cards from the deck!

So, tarot is a way of life. It comes naturally to me and has done so since I bought my first pack of cards at age 12. The images of a well-executed tarot deck excite me and so do the “aha!” moments in myself and in others when I share tarot with them professionally and personally. I live for occasions when the tarot’s symbols and concepts awaken and enliven something in someone. In a recent workshop on birth cards and year cards that I offered, a psychotherapist who was engaged in a story-telling activity over the pasteboards cried out, “Holy s**t!” as a pattern revealed itself to her and the way to dissolve the pattern become obvious to her. I was thrilled!

Wheel of Fortune, Songs for the Journey Home TarotThe non-threatening, game-like interaction of chatting over a pattern of colorful cards causes people to open up. Clients and students have told me things that even their loved ones and therapists haven’t heard. The tarot’s pictures and perspectives have a way of uncovering amazing unconscious material. I recall using a Inner Child spread and the Songs for the Journey Home tarot deck with a client who in that 90-minute session uncovered a piece of self-awareness that had never emerged in 10 years of psychotherapy. It turned out to be a key factor in her self-healing process. Exciting!

As you can tell, my way of working and living with the tarot is very different from just spouting off a list of pre-fabricated meanings and trying to impress the client by being “right”. It’s less about “accuracy” and more about “relevance”. Rather than formulaic pigeon-holing of people into categories and rote meanings that require people to believe in them, this deep way of interacting with the tarot allows the person to come first. The cards conform to the person, not the other way around. Tarot, as I teach it and use it, is a proactive tool. Neither the cards nor “fate” make things happen, people do!

Why do I get so jazzed up about this manner of using the tarot and these profound “aha!” moments? Because in this culture of overcomplication, something as simple as a conversation over some symbolic cards can catalyze a radical shift. In a century replete with layers of hierarchy and power-over, two or more people can gather as peers around some pictures and share from the heart. In the midst of a separation paradigm, we can look at a tarot deck and make connections. The more we partake of these heart-sharing, connective, and catalytic encounters, the more we can contribute to the remembering of wholeness, our own and that of the world. Please join me!

In honour of Choice and Wholeness,

P.S. Remember my guarantee: if you do the preparatory work for the first class, participate in the first live call, and then decide the class is not for you, we’ll refund your money, no questions asked!

P.P.S. Email me at: circleways AT yahoo DOT ca with any questions about the course at all.

Sign me up! $217 Sign me up! Payment Plan